Bird Walks

Second Saturday Bird Walks 

Forsyth Audubon has a long tradition of holding bird walks open both to members and the public on the second Saturday of every month, clouds or shine and perhaps even with a little precipitation. Each month, the walk is held at a different park or greenway around Forsyth County. We also like to check out the ducks and shorebirds that visit the Archie Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant. Walks begin at 8 a.m., April through October, and at 9 a.m., November through March. Participation is free.

Being able to identify all of the birds by sight or sound is not required. Quite the opposite, this is a great opportunity for the beginning and intermediate birder to learn more about the birds in our area and to improve their identification skills. More experienced birders offer tips about bird watching and identification. Most of all, we are out there to have fun exploring our local natural habitats with people who share our interests. Families and young children who like birds are welcome. Bring binoculars, if you have them, but we also have a couple pair that are just the right size for young naturalists.


September 10 Bird Walk

On September 10, Nathan Gatto and about 20 other birders braved the heat to look for early fall migrants on the September Second Saturday Bird Walk at Reynolda. They had around 37 species including; Black-and-white Warbler, Belted Kingfishers and a group of Northern Flickers. They did not have many fall migrants, but a few people did see a Common Yellowthroat, Pine Warbler and a Magnolia Warbler. We should start seeing more warbler species in the next few weeks! Overall it was a great walk despite the heat, thank you to everyone who helped and participated.

Photo above: Magnolia Warbler (Photo Credit:

On October 8, we are having a walk at Washington Park we will hopefully see some fall warblers! We will meet in the parking lot at 8 a.m. Walk Leader: Jeremy Reiskind

Weekday Bird Walks 

Our Saturday walks have proved so popular, we will try something new beginning in September - a second walk on a weekday. So, it you are retired, work at home, work on weekends or just want to get out on a beautiful day before going to work, come on out.


On Monday, August 29 Carol Cunningham and 9 other birders spent a very pleasant 2 hours at the Newell-Massey Greenway looking for fall migrants, summer – and year-round residents. They identified 26 species, and added significantly to the list of birds previously reported to Ebird for this Forsyth hotspot.  Those reported for the first time were the Barred Owl (Thanks, Harvey), Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Common Yellowthroat, Great-crested Flycatcher and Northern Parula.

The next Monday walk will be on September 26 at the Bethabara Lower Trail. This is a great place to look for fall warblers. Walk Leader: Cynthia Donaldson 

See our Calendar, for a complete list of our scheduled walks.


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