Forsythbirds Listserv 

Birds and Birding in Forsyth County, NC and surrounding area

Forsythbirds is a mailing list that serves as a forum to discuss wild birds and birding in Forsyth and surrounding counties, North Carolina.

Our goals are the following: 1) to provide the latest information on noteworthy birds in Forsyth and surrounding counties, 2) to share information on the status of migrating, wintering, and breeding species in the area, 3) to share current knowledge about identification of difficult species, 4) to share observations and information on bird behavior, 5) to help beginning birders become more proficient, 6) to discuss bird feeding and backyard habitat, 7) to share interesting experiences/sightings related to birding trips (e.g., snakes, butterflies, plants, etc.), 8) to announce news and events for the Audubon Society of Forsyth County, 9) to share information on conservation and environmental issues of concern to birds and birders, and 10) and to just have fun birding!!

Here's how it works: As a participant in the listserv, you will receive e-mails that have been posted by other members of the listserv. When anyone sends (or posts) a message to, the message goes out to all of the people who have subscribed to the listserv. You must be a member of forsythbirds listserv to post messages.

To sign up, read the Rules of Participation and follow the instructions under "To SUBSCRIBE". It's that easy. If you no longer wish to participate, that's easy, too. Just follow the instructions under "To UNSUBSCRIBE". And if all else fails, just e-mail for assistance.

Rules for Participation

1. Keep messages under 1500 KB (including photo attachments).
2. Limit your message to one subject and include a descriptive subject line.
3. Send multiple messages if you have multiple subjects.
4. The following are not allowed: a) advertising that benefits financially a subscriber or other entity, other than a non-profit organization. b) Controversial topics of discussion: politics, dogs, cats, hunters, etc. This includes lengthy discussions regarding conservation or environmentalism. c) Derogatory remarks or other comments of an offensive or personal nature.
5. End all posts with your real name (first and last).

It's easy to subscribe to Forsythbirds using the listserv web page at Just fill in your name and email address on the form provided.

You may also subscribe by sending an email to with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject or body of the message.

Either method will require email confirmation, then you will receive a welcome message within a few minutes.

To unsubscribe from this list, or change your preferences, visit your subscription page at: replacing "your email address" with the address that you used to subscribe to the list.

You may also unsubscribe by sending an email to with "unsubscribe [password]" (no quotes) in the subject or body of the message. If you do not use your password, you will need to respond to a confirmation email.

To POST a message:
Address your message to

Please remember to abide by the list rules outlined above. If you are having trouble getting on or off the list or have other questions, please send an e-mail explaining the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation. We hope this service will enhance your birding experiences in Forsyth County and the surrounding area.

Got questions? Contact Shelley Rutkin at:

To view previously posted messages, go to forsythbirds archives.


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