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The Audubon Society of Forsyth County (Forsyth Audubon) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. To become a member of Forsyth Audubon, you have a couple of choices:
Join National Audubon (and automatically become a member of Forsyth Audubon).
Join us as a Local Member of Forsyth Audubon.

Benefits of joining National Audubon Society (NAS) include receiving the AUDUBON magazine including all their emails, and automatically become a member of your local Audubon. National Audubon assigns its new members to local chapters by Zip Codes. Our members live in Forsyth, Yadkin, Surry, Stokes, Davidson and Davie counties. To join National Audubon click here. To ensure you are registered as a member of Forsyth Audubon, enter R52 as the Chapter Code.

Join us as a local member of Forsyth Audubon
Approximately 90% of Forsyth Audubon’s annual budget is funded locally. (For the past 20 years, NAS has provided approximately $1,100 annually to Forsyth Audubon.) Thus, local support is essential for the chapter to have a strong conservation initiative as well as providing robust member and outreach education programs.

As a local member, you will receive our monthly newsletter via email and additional announcements highlighting upcoming activities. Plus, we have fun! We have monthly programs, regular bird walks, education outreach activities, bird counts, and other opportunities to participate. Annual membership costs only $20! To join as a local member, click here.

We also encourage you to complete our online volunteer form. Participation in Forsyth Audubon’s volunteer opportunities is a great way to make new friends who share a passion for exploring and protecting nature.