Habitat Certification Program

To encourage and guide people in the process of creating bird friendly habitat on their property, Forsyth Audubon is offering a Bird Friendly Habitat Certification Program. For details about the program and how to qualify, follow the link to our brochure with new criteria: Bird Friendly Habitat Certification Program brochure

Also see the associated web pages, “Ways to make habitat safe and friendly for wildlife” and “Leave Your Leaves” for explanations and details about many of the items in the brochure.
The information in our brochure and at this website can be used to improve the habitat for birds in a yard, at a business, or in any public or private outdoor space with or without certification. It doesn’t all have to be done at once; instead, just take one step at a time. For instance, get started by adding a native plant or removing an invasive plant.

If you are interested in or working toward becoming certified, please fill out and submit the online certification visit request below. There is a tax-deductible donation fee of $50 for the first property visit under 5 acres. Larger properties are negotiable. Subsequent visits are free as you work toward certification. Fees for other properties like co-housing shared property, businesses, houses of worship, retirement centers, etc. will vary and will be negotiated.

Our Bird Friendly Habitat
Under Construction and Certification signs


We do property visits from mid-April until November when we can identify the plants on your property. However, please go ahead and apply for a yard visit anytime since that will get you on our wait list in the order of your date of application. We will have a backlog of properties on the list for spring. We will acknowledge receipt of your application, but there may be a delay in doing so during the off-season.

Also note that we cover all of Forsyth County and when possible small sections of adjacent counties.

To submit a visit request click this link:

To see a sample of what we look for on your property click this link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at forsythaudubon@gmail.com.


Properties Visited 46Properties Certified 7Properties under Construction 36

We are looking for additional plant experts and recorders to join our certification team. If you are interested, please click here to go to our volunteer hub.