Long Creek Park

Prairie Warbler
Photo by Claudia Nielson

Yellow-breasted Chat
Photo by Jean Chamberlain

Long Creek Park is located at 5801 Bethania- Tobacco Road in Pfafftown.  This park is located one mile north of Black Walnut Bottoms in Bethania.

Long Creek Park was once a private golf course.  The City of Winston-Salem purchased this property and manages it for recreational purposes.  Long Creek Park is one of the best spots to see passerines.  Sparrows are one of the highlights in winter with swamp, fox, white-throated, song, chipping and field found in appropriate habitat.

During breeding season, the thick shrublands support prairie warbler and yellow-breasted chat.  Summer tanager, orchard oriole, blue grosbeak, and indigo buntings are common nesting birds.  See the attached map with annotations on where to find birds in the park.

Fox Sparrow
Photo by Paul Nielson