Chapter Meetings

From September through May, Forsyth Audubon holds Chapter Meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month except December featuring fascinating guest and member speakers and programs.


In our February 2022 Chapter Meeting, we heard from Tenijah Hamilton.

Tenijah Hamilton is a seasoned program strategist, storyteller and creative producer with experience turning ambitious ideas into audacious realities. Since earning her Bachelors in Mass Communications, Creative Writing and Film and Media studies in 2015, Tenijah has worked at the intersection of media and impact everywhere from the renowned Tribeca Film Festival to NOVA on PBS, the longest running primetime science documentary series on American television. Currently, she hosts and produces a podcast called Bring Birds Back about conservation efforts by formal and citizen scientists that are impacting birds, through the lens of intersectionality and environmental justice. Additionally, Tenijah has just wrapped up her tenure as board chair of Catalyst, GBH Educational Foundation’s first ERG for employee’s of color where she led a diverse team of professionals in advocating for a more equitable and inclusive public media system. Her topic for our Chapter Meeting was “Who is Birding For?” Click here to see a recording of Tenijah Hamilton’s presentation.