Yadkin River Nature Trail

These links are a companion to the interpretive signage along the Yadkin River Nature Trail at Tanglewood County Park.  Nature observers may wish to use these links to read more about a species and it’s habitat, view more photographs, hear recordings of sounds it makes and learn about related topics. To find out more about Forsyth Audubon and its activities, check other pages on this web site. If you have a problem with a link on this page, send email to webmaster@fosythaudubon.org.

The Yadkin River Nature Trail

Night Stalkers

Home Among the Pines

Birds of the Wetlands

What can you do?

Sticking Its Neck Out

When is a blue bird not a Bluebird?

Nature’s Helpers

We saved paradise

Singing Frogs?

Rulers of the Skies

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

There are two additional woodpeckers found in our area